We are "COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD" on Little Steven's Underground Garage this week! 

Get our new single "Don't Talk To My Baby" featuring the Boys classic "First Time"   


We Just Played A 90-Minute Show

For 1,000 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame VIPs 

At The Cleveland Public Auditorium


Cleveland Public Auditorium



We were very excited to be a part of this event!


Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) March 11, 2014 

The Connection, an independent, stripped down rock 'n roll band from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce its selection by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to perform at the 11th annual “It’s Only Rock and Roll” Spring Benefit. The event, which has been dubbed Cleveland's "Party of the Year," will be held on Saturday, May 10th at Cleveland’s historic Public Hall, with proceeds going to support the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s educational activities. 

The Connection has been engaged to play its original, British Invasion-influenced, rock ‘n roll/power pop songs for an exclusive audience of 1,000 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum VIPS between 6PM and 8PM.

See this press release for all the details:



We won the Spotlight Award again this year in the Best Pop/Rock/Punk Band category.

This was based on fan voting, so many thanks to all our supporters for taking the time to vote.





We Just Played Two Cool Shows in NYC

THE CONNECTION  headlined two great shows in New York City on April 25th in Brooklyn and two days later in Manhattan. 

Both gigs featured three other bands--Palmyra Delran, The Jellybricks, and John & Brittany--each of which has had one or more "Coolest Songs." The shows were co-sponsored by Cavestomp! and Little Steven's Underground Garage and were hosted by Underground Garage DJ Handsome Dick Manitoba, who turned out to be one of the coolest guys in the world. Thank you to Handsome Dick, and all the terrific musicians from the other bands we got to meet and hang out with. And a huge thank you to Dennis Mortensen.

For details: 




"Let It Rock! by the Connection is a terrific record."

Channeling equal parts early Beatles, Paul Collins, and down and dirty 60's garage rock, the Connection grabs hold of the listener early on and either throttles them or sends them to the dance floor...[T]he Stones-ish "Girls In This Town" pump(s) up the rock quotient to just this side of screaming hot"...and "gets freight train momentum behind with its piano and horns adding just what we need, so much, in fact, that when they yell " don't mean that we gotta be friends!" it's hard not to yell along."



GOLDMINE MAGAZINE named LET IT ROCK! one of the 20 best albums of 2013

"A helping of punk energy, plenty of pop songwriting smarts and a whole lotta rock and roll attitude sums up these New Hampshire boys..."  



"[T] here is no one--no one--on the scene today that does rock and roll better than The Connection."

Their music takes us back to the early days of rock innocence and exuberance when people like Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and The Fab Four sang songs that affirmed the uncontaminated perceptions of youth...The Connection prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that rock still has its vibrance, its power and its relevance in the 21st century…The Connection can do R&B rock with the best of them, (including) The Rolling Stones of the Sticky Fingers/Exile era … The Connection take the conventions of the (British Invasion) era and breathe new life into them…” 


"[N]othing could have prepared me for the sheer awesomeness of the band's brand new LP, Let It Rock!"

The thing that puts The Connection in the top tier of today's rock n' roll is its songs. In the last couple of years, Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer have stepped up their songwriting chops in a major way. At this point, I'd put these two up there with all the top songwriting tandems in today's pop/rock n' roll scene. Let It Rock! is so laden with A-grade material that it could pass for some long lost best-of collection from 40 years ago ... From the Beatle-esque perfection of "She's A Keeper" to the Beach Boys via Chuck Berry fun of "Crawling From The Wreckage (Of A Saturday Night)" to the Stonesy swagger of "Girls In This Town" ... Let It Rock! is stacked with the kinds of songs you wish they still played on the radio. Heck, you actually can hear some of these songs on the radio if you turn your SiriusXM dial to 21! Little Steven loves these guys, and so do I!  Combining the non-stop hooks of a perfect power pop record with the energy and excitement of pre-hippie rock n' roll, Let It Rock! has pushed The Connection into my top five list of current fave bands ...There's simply nothing close to a weak track on this record ... [The Connection] are proof of rock n' roll's staying power and continuing relevance to our everyday lives. 


"If there ever was a power pop band that oozed would be The Connection."

This new full length LP hits the ground running with the mint single “Wrong Side of 25,” chock full of classic guitar riffage. The band’s sound has continued to define the edge half way between The Beatles and The Stones. Its un-apologetically retro, and they relish every note...(One) “radio-ready” hit is “She’s A Keeper” with an unbeatable hook that rivals The Wonders “That Thing You Do.” It then shifts the key to a surf styled “The Way Love Should Be,” and then blasts those guitars on “Crawling From The Wreckage (Of A Saturday Night).”


"This is garage rock for now people..." 

The Rolling Stones provide the basic template — The Connection cover “Connection” — and the band’s fingers are firmly planted in the kind of melodic rock that once ruled the airwaves. Let It Rock is not some mere retro project, however. It just, well, rocks, and it does so timelessly. The mid-tempo “Melinda” also features some of the coolest “la la la’s” put to wax or to “zeros” and “ones” in quite some time: 


"This is Rock ‘n Roll! ... These are the bastard Yankee sons of Rockpile ... There’s not a step wrong made on [Let It Rock!]."  


"[B]ring oxygen because (The Connection) will have you dancing 'til you can't see straight." 

"If you wear a black leather jacket, a duck's ass hair-do and ride a motorcycle check out these guys but bring oxygen because they will have you dancing 'til you can't see straight. Hailing from the Gene Vincent/Eddie Cochran/Buddy Holly/Jerry Lee Lewis school of rock, The Connection delivers a thrilling retro experience. Most fans of their age have never heard of those classic sixties rockers so this comes across as a revelation in the same way as the first Stray Cats record. "All You Gotta Do" has that Buddy Holly melodic vibe and bursts with bright, inventive riffing. "Little Lies" has a Beach Boys vibe, but harder, with a nice change-up in the middle.













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